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Presentation Details/Specs


See the Guidelines for Presenters on the conference website.


Oral presentations

Format 16:9
These need to be either uploaded to dropbox or to the Speakers Preparation Area located on the ground floor at least 4 hours before the talk is scheduled. If you’re in a morning session, please ensure your presentation is uploaded the night before. Please bring your talk on a usb stick in case we need to upload again on site. 


  1. Save your PowerPoint presentation with the following filename convention:  [last name]_[ first name]_[ session number].ppt. For example, Smith_John_Session_4.2.ppt
  2. Access the following dropbox link
  3. Select ‘Choose from computer’, locate the saved file on your computer and press ‘choose’, to complete the upload process
  4. After you upload your presentation you will receive a confirmation email. You will not be able to obtain further access to edit or remove your presentation. If you need to upload a new version, please use previous name and add v2, v3 etc. For example Smith_John_Session_4.2_v2.ppt. 


Poster format is A0 Portrait. The poster sessions will take place on the ground floor of the Darwin Convention Centre.  There will be two poster sessions with each session spanning two days of the conference. Please bring your poster on the morning of your first poster session (either Tuesday or Thursday) and display using velcro dots (these will be provided) on your allocated poster board.  Your poster must be removed after your final poster session. If you have a poster tube, please ensure that it is clearly named before requesting storage at conference reception.