WORKSHOP: How to access and use IMOS data for your research — Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
2:30PM - 5:30PM
CDU Waterfront Campus 3.21
Chair: Craig Steinberg



How to access and use IMOS data for your research

Monday 10 June 2019 – 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Room # 3.21 - CDU Waterfront Campus (Charles Darwin University Waterfront Campus)

The workshop web page has information on the agenda, descriptions of talks and what you need to do to prepare.

Since 2006, IMOS has been routinely operating a wide range of observing equipment throughout Australia’s coastal and open oceans, making all of its data accessible to the marine and climate science community, other stakeholders and users, and international collaborators.

This workshop is to assist the scientific community discover, access, download, use and understand the potential of the data for their research.

The workshop will be focused on the use of physical oceanographic data from remotely sensed and in situ observations. The intention is for a hands on guided tutorial that shows the use of the AODN portal and the tools that are available to analyse the data. Data from a number of presentations at AMOS-ICTMO 2019 will be used as examples to show how the data presented was accessed and visualised for their talks.


Ocean observations, marine extremes, modelling, climate, ocean circulation, stratification

Craig Steinberg, AIMS

Ana Lara Lopez, IMOS